counterintuitive savings tip: have a wish list

What’s that? You’re trying to save and you keep a list of things to buy? Yes indeed. If I have a windfall or I’m underspent somewhere and my saving is on track, or damn it, I just want to buy something, the wish list is invaluable.

If I have the urge to spend (and yes, I’m working to minimise that), I can either hit the shops and end up with the first shiny thing I see OR I can consult my wish list and end up with something I’ve previously priced and that I’ve been lusting after for a while. It’s a treat, a need or a really, really want.

My current wish list includes an album by a singer I like, some vegie bags that both extend the life of the vegies and can be taken into a shop and used like a plastic bag (cutting plastic waste!), some all metal clothesline pegs (hands up everyone who is sick of the plastic ones that eventually degrade and snap when you need them), some plants for my garden, art posters, nice pens, and a few furniture items. So, really, something for every price range should I unexpectedly have $10 or $500. Yeh, that $500 isn’t happening anytime soon but a woman can dream.

Of course, windfalls or underspends should, of course, mostly go toward the big goals. Sometimes, however, saying yes to coffee with your friends or buying a new album to listen to on quiet Sunday afternoons helps you keep your eye on the prize.

PS, the wish list doesn’t just have to be things. Yours might include coffee with friends, taking your nanna to lunch or heading off to the movies.  Sure, there are cheaper options for all of those but sometimes it’s all about the experience. (And everyone should make the time for lunch with nanna.)

The image on this post is by The Pineapple Supply Co on Unsplash

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