the garden of your life


I was reading a Freakonomics article (about trickle down economics not being an actual thing that happens) and there was this line by one of the interviewees, Austan Goolsbee, about his role as some important economist in the US government:

An old friend of mine gave me the advice when I took the job, he said, “A good C.E.A. chair, like a good gardener, is 90 percent pulling weeds and 10 percent planting seeds”.

And I lost interest in the article at that point (more one side of politics vs the other side of politics) but that quote stayed with me, because really, that’s how you improve your life isn’t it?

You need to spend quality time (10%) on working out what’s important to you and setting goals and actions to reflect that. And then, you spend quality and a decent quantity of time (90%) getting rid of the weeds and making sure the seeds you’ve planted have a real chance to flourish.


Freakonomics (podcast) Why the Trump Tax Cuts Are Terrible/Awesome (Part 2), April 18, 2018:


The photograph on this post is by Nafinia Putra on Unsplash

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