i (still) love food

Sometimes moving on is harder than expected. For example, this month was going to be a new challenge but instead, I’ve decided to give a bit more focus on my grocery and health challenges.

Health first

I started my health challenge with getting better sleep and I had been doing okay but just lately, my old habits have been creeping back in.

And my bed has magic powers. I settle in to read for 10 minutes before I go to sleep and then magically it’s an hour later.

So, I need a definite refocus on being asleep by 10.30pm, thus making it easier on those days when I have to get up early to get to my day job or to put in an hour on my personal projects.

No more, “oh look, a Bones repeat”.

This puts me back at the beginning for sleep but I have managed to add a little more exercise to my days. I am catching the bus most days now it’s cooler and getting off one stop earlier on the way home, adding a little more incidental exercise to my day. I still need a plan for the Humid Depths of Hell, or as it’s known in Brisbane, summer.

Food, glorious food

Groceries is where I am struggling the most. I set a goal to spend no more than $100/fortnight on groceries and a month later, so far so bad. I spent $150 in the first fortnight and $130 in the second.

I went back and had a look at what I spent. There were the bigger spends: $50 on ground coffee and coffee beans (no, I have used them all yet, I’m not that bad), a “I wasn’t paying enough attention to prices” $12 tub of  ice-cream, and the toilet paper from Who Gives A Crap (no regrets).

And on the smaller side, there was the week I bought both a loaf of bread and turkish bread and then had to freeze one, and the goodies for a multi-night antipasto feast (come on, no-one wants to cook every night).

Bottom line,  all those bits and bobs (okay, okay, $50 on coffee isn’t a small expense, it’s quite frankly ridiculous) tally up to almost a fortnight’s worth. Which I guess means I was doing quite well on the other days. I would even have comfortably fit the bulk toilet paper into the budget if I hadn’t indulged in the coffee.

All of this when I did actually menu plan! Clearly there needs to be less feasting on eggplant and sun-dried tomatoes and prosciutto.

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