book review: live well on less

Live well on less: a practical guide to running a lean household

Authors: Jody Allen

Themes: cutting expenses, thrify tips

As might expect, this is no doubt a very useful book for families. I mean, Jody’s blog is called Stay At Home Mum after all. However, there’s some great info for everyone looking to cut down on the expenses of running a household.

My favourite is Jody’s encouragement for people to use the library if they can’t give up reading. This is handy, since I borrowed her book from the library…

I particularly liked:

  • the thrifty tips from Jody and members of her blog community
  • the “uses for” lists (ie, uses for egg cartons).

The book is actually full of suggestions that we maybe know we should do but might not. Like making sure we’re on the best phone/internet plan for us, creating a budget, removing excess items from your car to reduce fuel consumption, or making your own cleaning products.

There are things that I will definitely be doing, simply because Jody makes each dreaded task seem straightforward and achievable.

Did I buy this book? No. I borrowed this one from my local library.

Would I buy this book? No. But I will read Jody’s blog and check in on the Facebook every now and again.


Featured image by César Viteri on Unsplash




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