adrift in busyness

I’ve been adrift in busyness for weeks now, somehow being washed from home (okay, the couch) to the office and back again.

Truthfully, despite the ongoing growth of my savings (by less than I could have mind you), I’ve done precious little to advance my big goals.

I’ve not researched possible shares, I’ve not paid attention to the housing market (or even explored where in BrisVegas I might like to live), so dreary.

I’ve picked up a few side gigs, but mostly they found me. I also found the barter economy. For the record, being paid in wine is a damn fine deal. Damn fine.

But this is what I’ve done all my life, lived on the currents of immediacy, oblivious about where the shore is, what it might look like or how I might get there.

This year is about actually drawing myself a map (probably in pencil and with my eraser handy) and making sure I can actually track some sort of progress. Making it to the end of each day isn’t progress, it’s survival and I’ve done that.

Time for something new, something fresh, something hopeful, something that warms my heart instead of dulling it. Which is why on an impulse I joined The Spark Facebook group being run by Darren Rowse and Kelly Exeter.

The basic idea is that each day you identify what gives you a spark of energy, and how you gave someone else some energy. Simple, yes? Well, no. Not when you’re trapped in the endless rounds of busyness, going into the office early, leaving late and spending your Sunday in an area devoid of natural light instead of taking a walk or curling up with a book or catching up for brunch.

But it’s made me realise that when I do have those moments of spark, when I’m enjoying the moment, or I have a good idea, I don’t appreciate them or capitalise on them like I should.

It’s the same for taking those opportunities that would help secure my long-term future, I don’t see them, don’t grasp them or give up on them too early.

So this has been me this week, sitting back down with my goals and trying to pay attention.

The image on this post is by Leio McLaren on Unsplash

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